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Welcome to, the international website of the section “Moyamoya Angiopathy and Bypass Surgery” at the Neurosurgery Department of the University Hospital Tübingen. As Center for Moyamoya and Associated Vasculopathies (ZMoya) we are part of the Center for Rare Diseases Tübingen – ZSE, to offer clinical and scientific services at the highest level. With its two affiliated locations at the University Hospital Tübingen and the Moyamoya Center at the University Children’s Hospital Zürich, our center offers the entire spectrum of treatment for patients with Moyamoya, both in child- and adulthood. Due to the surgical experience of around 100 bypasses per year, you can rely on our high expertise, but with always having one personal contact physician to accompany you through the course of your disease.

The Moyamoya disease (Moyamoya Disease – MMD) and any associated diseases with insufficient blood supply of the brain represent an extremely complex topic of vascular neurosurgery. It requires precise multimodal diagnostic examinations to measure the extent of the disease. Based on these results, a therapy strategy can then be tailored for each patient. No matter of having surgical or conservative treatment with medication only, we will provide you a long-term follow-up care with our team of specialists.

Atherosclerotic or unexplained (idiopathic) vascular occlusions of the main cerebral arteries may also occur in patients without having Moyamoya. If this is the case and no severe stroke has occurred, it must also be carefully examined whether a surgical bypass can improve brain blood flow. If a bypass is necessary in such a case, you can also rely on our extensive surgical expertise.

Our main goal is the high-quality treatment of our patients with an outstanding continuity in the care of our patients by a dedicated team of physicians.

If you have any questions about Moyamoya and bypass surgery you are welcome to contact us anytime at the dedicated email address

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